Vitro-micicular traction (VMT)

Vitreomakuläre Anheftung des Glaskörpers im Bereich der Makula

Vitreomacular attachment of the vitreous in the area of ​​the macula

The normal, age-related and complete detachment of the vitreous body (transparent gel inside the eye) typically causes no problems. In case the vitreous stays attached at the macular area and creats a pull/traction on the area of the central vision, an attachment of the vitreous body to the macula can be seen. It can lead to fluid accumulation and cyst formation in the retina with possible visual deterioration. Often, this attachment, called vitreomacular traction (VMT), resolves itself. In some cases, however, it is necessary to perform a vitrectomy to mechanically achieve this detachment. Another possibility is the administration of a drug into the interior of the eye, which causes the detachment of the vitreous body.


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