Auge nach Implantation einer klaren Kunstlinse

Auge nach Implantation einer klaren Kunstlinse

What is cataract?

This is the clouding and hardening of the lens of the eye. The lens sits behind the pupil. Light that falls into the eye passes first through the cornea and then through the lens, which focuses the light on the place of the sharpest vision, the makula.

What symptoms do you notice in cataracts?

The progress of developing a cararact is subtle and affects, albeit rarely simultaneously, both eyes. The patients notices a foggy and cloudy vision. It can also cause difficulties in dark or very bright surroundings. Colors can be perceived changed; For example, brown or yellowish-tinged pictures are depicted. Bright light sources such as car headlights are distracting and can be no longer seen as dots but as rays. Some patients are affected by double images.

Why do you get cataract?

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. As a rule, older people are affected, rarely babies or children. The majority of people over the age of 65 suffer to some degree from lens opacification. The causes of the cataract are not fully understood. Like the onset of gray hair, cataract is part of the aging process. The opacifications of the lens are generally caused by changes in the proteins of the lens. Various factors such as familial tendency, diabetes, eye inflammation, cortisone or eye surgery and injuries favor its development.

Grauer Star - Cataract


The therapy initially can consists of the prescription of stronger glasses. Better lighting supports the reading activity. Finally, cataract surgery is the only measure that effectively defeats the cataract. The cloudy lens material is removed via a small 2-3 mm wide incision in the cornea and then a clear lens made of plastic is used. Most patients notice correction of vision immediately after surgery. For some, it may take a few days for the expected improvement to occur. The surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis and you can go home the same day.

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