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What makes us different?

A medical doctor is in no contractual relationship with public health insurance. This enables me to optimally adapt my treatment to your needs. Although the Austrian health care system is among the best in the world, the increasing number of patients with long waiting periods leads to less and less time available to the doctor treated. Often there is hardly any opportunity to explain the background and causes of his illness understandable to the person concerned. As a doctor, I can take the time needed for your investigation and education and answer all your questions in detail. As a consequence, this creates a much more personal doctor-patient relationship in which mutual trust can be built. Even though the majority of my medical work is at the Eye Clinic Graz, I can also offer care outside the clinic in my Wahlarztordination and offer you my knowledge and experience even after your discharge from the Eye Clinic. I would be happy to see you in my office.

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Billing and payment

The fee will be charged back to the respective health insurance. We will take care of submitting the invoice for you. The transfer of the refund amount to you will be carried out automatically by the statutory health insurance. Payment can be made in cash or by cash.

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Mutter-Kind-Pass Untersuchungen

If you would like to have a mother-child-pass examination, please indicate this when making an appointment. Allow about an hour for the visit and take the mother-child pass. See also services / examinations / mother-child-pass

Was sollten Sie zur Untersuchung mitbringen?

• Please take your glasses (distance and near glasses) with you as well

• existing findings of the eye clinic,

• list of eye medicines to be taken or the eye medicines themselves

  • Not necessary are e-card and bank transfer

Do I have to remove my contact lenses before the glasses are determined?

If the contact lenses are removed just before the eyeglass determination, the glasses can not be adjusted exactly. Therefore, please make a break before starting to eyeglasses: – rigid “hard” contact lenses: 3 days – soft contact lenses: 24 hours. Bring your contact lenses with you for examination.

How do I find my night and emergency pharmacy?

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